KGB (Kovano gvožđe Beograd)
Kikindska 49a, Borča, Beograd
telephone: 011/332-77-46
mobile: 063/33-63-33

Wrought Iron Belgrade - News

KGB Blacksmiths or Wrought Iron Belgrade

Wrought Iron Belgrade or KGB is a forge which produces decorations, furniture, staircases, beds and fences of wrought iron. I came across them on the Internet by accident and asked them to make some smaller things of wrought iron for our family house. Now I have decided to write a few words to praise them. Because, those who have worked with servicemen and craftsmen know how hard it is to find a serviceman or craftsman who is good, fast, offers high quality service, who is reliable, responsible and moderate when speaking of price. This was my first encounter with blacksmiths and for the first time I needed wrought iron, so I would like to share some of my experiences in cooperation with them. (You can read the rest of the text on: )