KGB (Kovano gvožđe Beograd)
Kikindska 49a, Borča, Beograd
telephone: 011/332-77-46
mobile: 063/33-63-33

Wrought Iron Belgrade - Welcome

About us

KGB (Kovano gvožđe Beograd) operates within the company “Futura”, Svetogorska 5, 11000 Belgrade.

Our factory for wrought iron is located in Borča, Kikindska 49a, and has its production plant in 2000m2.

Our facilities consist of all the machines and work-shops which are used in this kind of production, including numerical machines for cutting parts according to given drawings, the numerical engraver’s work-shop, the turner’s workshop, the milling cutters, the forge, the work-shop for sand blasting and others.

We provide many of our business partners with elements, because of our high quality production, best possible surface protection and favourable prices.

Thanks to our equipment, we are ready for any challenge in business, introduce many innovations and creativity in our work and strive always to be different.

Our attention is mainly focused on the choice of the best materials for our work. All of our products are sand-blasted, painted (only with oil colours), patinated and waxed.

Our furniture made of wrought iron is of high quality and top-class design. Besides, come and see and convince yourself. Become another of our satisfied customers.


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