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telephone: 011/332-77-46
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Wrought Iron Belgrade - News

Permanent promotion. Chairs for only 10 €!

We are starting a new permanent promotion. It is all about our product, the chair "small giant", which has the diameter of 300mm and height of 400mm. It has the carrying capacity of 500kg! The product is made of high quality steel with the diameter of only 10mm. The legs have small feet on the bottom. The seat is made of beech plywood with the thickness of 10mm which is protected with binary parquet lacquer overlayed with eco-leather with a 50mm sponge underneath. There are some versions which have textile instead of eco-leather. The chair is painted with binary acrylic metallic paint (black, green or red). This incredible price enables you to make a nice gift with an accessible price or to buy yourself an always needed extra chair.