KGB (Kovano gvožđe Beograd)
Kikindska 49a, Borča, Beograd
telephone: 011/332-77-46
mobile: 063/33-63-33

Wrought Iron Belgrade - News

A permanent promotion of the company Kovano gvožđe Belgrade.

The price of curtain rails is 50 euros, regardless of the length. Mounting of the curtain rails is free. The price of gates is 100-250 euros/m². The price includes: painting with acrylic colours of highest quality, extra patinating and waxing, mounting the "Cisa" lockers and cylinder covers, mounting a protection from steeling the gate and a free wrought iron number plate. The price of a mail box is 100 euros. Every mail box is unique (there are not two of a kind). The customers can choose the size, shape, colour, irons, model... You can get a mail box for free, if you prove us that another mail box with the same quality exists somewhere and that we have not made it.